Day 11 of 21 Days without Food.

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Qigong for Weight Loss Case Study: Day 11

What Does Life Need To Survive?

We're taught to think that life needs energy to survive. This is true, but it also needs to give energy to live. The moment this process is interrupted, we say that the energy is blocked. Blocked energy will eventually lead to stagnation, disease and death. Qigong is the practice of restoring the flow of energy so that life can thrive!  

Watch the video above for more wisdom relating to this topic, which is a deep fundamental concept in the practice of Qigong 🙂

Note: This blog post is only a small part of the wisdom for today, so be sure to watch the video for the full story 🙂

Day 11 Without Food: Timeline

Day 11 happened on April 2nd, 2020. 

Here’s what I did during day 11:

4:30-9:00 am

I finished work, drove home and got a shower. Wasn't thirsty, maybe had a few sips of water. Work was very busy, so did not get much accomplished relating to this website. My energy level stayed high throughout the entire night as I was busy.


Recorded & edited the video for today.


Set up my new twitter account:


If you're on twitter, follow me & send me a dm and I'll follow you!


I'll be working overnight tonight, so I slept for 3 hours in order to stay up until tomorrow morning.

4:00pm-4:30 am

I weighed in at 216.7 pounds, which is 21.2 pounds of total weight loss over the past 10 days! 

Spent time with my wife before going to work. Did the Qigong for Weight Loss Practices that I fully describe in the book in between my rounds. It was a very busy night at work again, so I didn't manage to get a lot of extra work done on this website.

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