Day 19 of 21 Days without Food.

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Qigong for Weight Loss Case Study: Day 19

You can program your body to burn fat more quickly. Here's a meditation will help you release stored energy from body fat and tighten skin in those areas! 

This fat burning Qigong for weight loss meditation is one of the techniques from my "Qigong for Weight Loss book.

These techniques have allowed my to lose nearly 30 pounds in the past 18 days. I've also used this meditation to lose weight during times when I was still eating food.

This meditation will release energy from stored body fat, cause the fat cells to function more properly and balanced and correct the emotional blockage of viewing fat as bad.

This meditation also prevents loose skin from developing while losing weight.

Practice this meditation daily to lose weight faster and keep your skin tight and healthier!

Note: This blog post is also a supplement to the video above, so be sure to watch the video for the full story 🙂

Day 19 Without Food: Timeline

Day 19 happened on April 9th, 2020. Worked overnight again so not too much to report other than my daily Qigong routine.

Here’s what I did during day 19:


Did the Qigong for Weight Loss practices, finished at work and drove home.


Created and uploaded today's video and blog post.


Was a little more tired today after working 2 overnight shifts in a row so slept longer. The only thing that's more challenging when fasting is to work a 12 hour overnight shift. This is unnatural for the body and I can certainly feel the extra challenge. Through Qigong I am still able to do it though!

5:30-7 pm

Weighed in at 208.9, for 29 pounds of weight loss in the past 18 days!

Created and uploaded the video and blog post for today.


Spent time with my wife before going to bed!

Final Thoughts About Day 19:

Just keep doing Qigong!

The added energy is totally worth it!


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