Day 9 of 21 Days without Food.

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Qigong for Weight Loss Case Study: Day 9

Life is more exciting when you add variety to it!

Today's post is slightly different than past posts. I've included my daily fasting schedule below for day 9. The other part of this post is where I tell the unusual story of how I learned a rare form of Qigong mysteriously (this is part 2, a sequel to yesterday's post).

It's a story that needs to be told directly, so watch the video 🙂

Note: This blog post is only a small part of the wisdom for today, so be sure to watch the video for the full story 🙂

Day 9 Without Food: Timeline

Day 9 happened on March 31st, 2020. 

Here’s what I did during day 9:

3:00-7:00 am

I weighed in at 220.5 pounds, which is 17.4 pounds of total weight loss over the past 8 days! I woke up early because I had enough energy that I just couldn't sleep any longer. I felt great and also felt that doing a Qigong practice now would be overdoing it. I listened to my body and enjoyed some quiet time and watched 2 episodes of The Wire for fun.


Recorded the video for today where I tell the unbelievable but true story about how I met the Dàshīzhe and learned the rare form of Spinning Universe Qigong!


Finished setting up some social media profiles and sharing this blog and YouTube channel with some of my personal network. Up until now, I have done nothing to publicly promote or teach Qigong. Now the awakening begins!


Followed the Qigong for Weight Loss practices that are now available in the book on amazon kindle. Pick up a copy today, it's only $1.11 until April 13th, 2020. After that, it will only be $7.77 🙂 At either price, it's well worth the changes it will bring to your life!

4:00-10:30 pm

Off for the rest of the evening, enjoying life.  Wonderful day!

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