Living Qigong

Spiral Path Qigong for Enhancing Life

Course Summary:

Profound practice for increasing healing and wisdom Qi with this ongoing guided Qigong training program.

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Practice for Life

Learn a daily practice that will allow you to stay healthy, happy and thrive in life! Continue to reach deeper levels of integration and oneness with the Qi field and the abundant blessings of enhanced life. This will continue to serve you throughout your life.

Practical Qigong

This practice is about living life more fully, with increased energy and joy. Connecting inner and outer wisdom for practical living in the modern world. This program provides continuous progress and development of reaching your full energetic potential.

Increased Capacity

Develop a greater capacity for channeling and focusing Qi energy. The more you practice, the higher your capacity for utilizing energy will become. Specifically designed for you to systematically increase your capacity to cultivate Qi.

Abundant Energy for Living Well




Qigong can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or skill level. This course does not require any prior knowledge or physical ability. You can start from wherever you are at.





This course is provided in our member’s area. New practices are added every week. Training is given in downloadable audio, video and pdf lessons as well as group interaction and instructor feedback. Specifically designed for your continuous progress.




The more you practice Qigong, the better you will feel. Everyone will experience Qi at a different pace. This program is designed to be practiced 30-90 minutes per day, every day for optimal results. Feel free to set your own pace.

Additional Benefits

  • Experience greater healing on all levels
  • Freedom from depression and anxiety
  • Deeper integration of mind, heart and body
  • Improve meditation ability and concentration
  • More peace, joy and happiness through practice

Coming Soon in 2021!

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