Mystical Qigong

Cosmic Vortex Path Qigong for Deeper Transcendence

Course Summary:

Advanced practice for deeper dedication and exploring the greater mystery of Qi with this ongoing guided Qigong training program.

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Go Deep & Expand

Access deeper states of being beyond pure physical existence. Cultivate higher perceptions of Universal reality, merging quantum with cosmic possibilities. For the practitioner seeking the deepest understanding  and truth of existence.


Free from dogma or religious constriction, you are guided on your own personal spiritual journey to experience transcendent reality. The cosmic vortex path embraces deeper activation of yinian consciousness through more intense meditation and more challenging physical movement.

Radical Transformation

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. Mind controls energy. This practice is for those that want to make the most profound impact on reality itself. Personal freedom from past stories and conscious programming of energy are fully developed.

Uniting Form and Formless




This course is for those who are serious about the deepest study of Qigong, on high meditative and physical practice levels. It is recommended that you have experience with Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, or other energy modalities before joining this course. However, if you feel inspired to start with the deepest esoteric path, this course may be taken by anyone.





This course is provided in our member’s area. New practices are added every week. Training is given in downloadable audio, video and pdf lessons as well as group interaction and instructor feedback. Specifically designed for your continuous progress.




This is the most advanced training offered for Xuánzhuǎn Yǔzhòu Qigong (Spinning Universe Qigong) online at this time. This program is designed to be practiced 1-3 hours per day, based on student desire. For those that want to spend more time exploring and deepening their experience of Qi energy to profound levels.

Additional Benefits

  • Greater capacity for healing others
  • Merging with energy more consciously
  • Inner alchemy and Qi purification
  • Expand meditative ability exponentially
  • Holographic understanding and interaction with the Universe

Coming Soon in 2021!

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