Qigong for Weight Loss

Have More Energy while Eating Less.

Book Description:

Lose weight by breathing and performing simple exercises that anyone can do in this new book, available exclusively on amazon kindle.  only $1.11 until April 13th, 2020!

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Change Your Body & Your Life

Breathe Away Fat

Learn a simple breathing technique that reduces hunger and cravings, harmonizes your energy, makes you look more energetic and lively, and breathe away fat! You’ll start losing weight more easily.

Absorb Energy

Your body contains a natural battery that stores energy all the energy you need. Learn ancient Chinese methods for charging your body’s energy reserves to full capacity. Gain life sustaining vitality with minimal effort or skill!

Regain Control

Simple Qigong meditation techniques designed to burn fat and help you gain control over your body. Learn how to free yourself from uncontrollable destructive eating habits without fighting yourself and enjoying the process.

YouTube Case Study: 21 Days Without Food

30 Days

Without Food

Follow my YouTube channel where I fasted for 30 days living only on water and Qi, without ANY food or calories! This daily case study contains a lot of useful information for anyone seeking to lose weight and live energetically! See how easy it is to do.




Most books only contain words written on pages. This book contains links to a private download page where you get downloadable audio and video lessons enhancing and explaining what’s taught in the book! Easy to follow and far more valuable than typical books!



Your Body

This book is an excellent introduction to Qigong. You’ll learn valuable energy gathering and self-mastery practices requiring very little effort or physical ability allowing you to consciously choose a better path that leads to greater health and longevity.