Discovering Qi

Guided Qigong Practice Program For Beginners

Course Summary:

Learn how to connect to unlimited energy for life transformation in this free 36 day Qigong  training class.

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Experience Qi

Follow simple exercises that connect mind, heart and body with the unlimited field of Qi energy that Chinese medicine has been using for thousands of years for healing, increased vitality and goal attainment.

Gather Qi

After accessing and feeling Qi for yourself, you can begin to storing life enhancing energy naturally in your body. This energy can then be used at will for increasing your capacity for achieving your highest potential.

Focus Qi

Tap into the wellspring of infinite abundant energy is only the beginning. The practice of Qigong allows you to purify and refine Qi energy for increasingly powerful results. Begin your journey here.

Profound Healing On All Levels




Qigong can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or skill level. This course does not require any prior knowledge or physical ability, you can start from wherever you are at.





This course is provided in our member’s area, which is free for you to join. 4 Practices are added over 36 days. Training is given in downloadable audio, video and pdf lessons as well as group interaction.




The more you practice Qigong, the better you will feel. Everyone will experience Qi at a different pace. This program is designed to be practiced 20-40 minutes per day for 36 days for optimal results. Feel free to set your own pace.

Additional Benefits

  • Practicing Qigong will help you feel better
  • You’ll have more energy to live life
  • Increased power over your emotions
  • Greater mental clarity and focus
  • Healthier body and mind

Coming Soon in 2021!

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